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Steel-cord Conveyor Belt on-line Automatic Inspection System

Steel-cord Conveyor Belt on-line Automatic Inspection System
Product Detailed
Steel-cord Conveyor Belt on-line Automatic Inspection System,Unique Principal;Unique Technology;Unique Method;Creative ...

 Steel-cord Conveyor Belt on-line Automatic Inspection System, Unique Principal;Unique Technology;Unique Method;Creative International Leading Technology of China;International certificate

Real-time monitoring safety status of Steel-cord Conveyor BeltReliably preventing accidents from breakage of Steel-cord Conveyor BeltScientifically reducing cost of steel core conveyor beltEffectively improving productivity of steel core conveyor belt

Steel-cord conveyor belt is widely used transport equipment in mining, port, metallurgy and power industry. the accidents of transversal belt breakage and vertical tear occurred during operation will have direct impact on production safety and economic benefits of enterprise.For a long time, steel-cord conveyor belt is regarded as a "blind point" or "danger resource" in equipment management. Its always an urgent problem to detect hidden dangers in time and guarantee safety status of steel-cord conveyor belt.

TCK steel-cord conveyor belt on-line automatic monitoring system creates a brand-new safe monitoring method, solving the difficulty in on-line inspection on conveyor belt. The system realizes real-time monitoring conveyor belt flaw and accurately evaluate its safe status.

TCK Steel-cord Conveyor Belt On-line Automatic Inspection System Adopts the most advanced TCK Weak-Magnetic Inspection Technology and TCK unique "Key type" sensor technology, integrate with modern network communication technology, computer software and harware technology, explosion-proof technology, installs the high-sensitivity inspection device, large-capacity data acquisition device at appropriate location, provides a reliable technic guarantee for safety management of steel-cord conveyor belt. The system has obtained BA, MA Certificate, suits to various working condition. It is the most advanced non-destructive intelligent inspection equipment for steel-cord conveyor belt.

TCK-PD system functionTCK-PD realizes the accurate on-line real time inspection on 6 kinds of hidden-danger of steel-cord conveyor belt, including tranversal breaking belt ,vertical tearing belt and so on .1.Quantitative and locating inspection on cord brekage    of steel-cord conveyor belt.2.Quantitative and locating inspection on cord    corrosion of steel-cord conveyor belt.3.Quantitative and locating inspection on cord splice    integrity of steel-cord conveyor belt.4.Locating inspection on vertical tear of steel-cord conveyor belt.5.Inspection on abnormal conditions of steel-cord conveyor belt including glue failure, blister and damages.6.Inspection on deviation of steel-cord conveyor belt.

TCK-PD Technical Indexes1.Width range of steel core conveyer belt:    600~2400mm.   Accurately quantitative and locating    inspectionon on steel-cord conveyor belt    defetcs of cord breakage, corrosion, splice    integrity.2.Qualitative inspection accuracy: >98%3.Quantitative inspection accuracy: >95%4.Locating inspection resolution: 1mm5.Accurately locating inspection on defects of    vertical tear, splice integrity, blister, rubber    stripping, so on.6.Inspection length error: 10mm/100M

TCK-PD Product feature1. Units combination design; units can be combined at random according to the width of steel-cord conveyor belt; one system can serve several purposes; Maximum reducing users' cost. 2. Explosion-proof (MA certificate) and non explosion-proof function.3. Realizes duty-free real time automatic inspection.

TCK-PD Technology Advantage

TCK "Weak-Magnetic" inspection technology can realizes 5000/Second "Slicing type" detection for conveyor belt; accurate quantitative and lacating inspection on hidden dangers of cord breakage, corrosion and abrasion.TCK unique vertical displacement device can accurately detecte the displacement change of steel cord splice.TCK unique "Key type" sensor can discover in time the defects of belt vertical tear, serious rubber stripping, blister, so on. TCK-PD Testing Standard that TCK-PD Based On1.GB9770-88 Steel-cord conveyor    beltof Peoples Republic of China.2.(MT654-1997)Coal Conveyor Belt    Safety Regulation.3.National standard GB/T19518.2-2004 --- electric equipment in explosive gas    atmosphere.4.(HG-T3646-1999)steel-cord conveyor    belt for common use anti-tearing Specification parameter of TCK Steel-cord Conveyor Belt On-line Automatic Inspection system  



Inspection scope(mm)

Dimensions (leangth* width* heighth) mm

System function

Performance parameter

System configuration

TCK Steel-cord Conveyor Belt on-line Automatic Inspection System




1.Quantitative and locating inspection on defects of interior cord/strand breakage, fatigue, corrosion of conveyor belt; Real-time inspection on safety condition of steel-cord conveyor belt.2.On-line automatic calibration technology.3.System self-diagnosis function.4.System explosion-proof function.5.System Waterproof function.6.Chineses language interface, Dialogue-operation.7.TCK dedicated software technology, support PC data processing, analysis,display, print, storage, record/archives creation.

1.Sensitivity: 5v/G, adjustable according to actual requirement.2.Quantitative inspection accuracy: >95%.3.Locating inspection resolution: 1mm.4.Inspection speed : 0.2-8m/s.5.Length error: 10mm/100M.6.Signal transmission distance: 40000M.7.Relative working humidity: >85%RH.8.Distance between sensor and steel-cord conveyor belt: 70110mm.9.Underground power supply : 127V,50HZmaximum power: 100W.10.Ground power supply: 220V/50HZmaximum power: 230W.

Unit Combination Inspection Module High-speed Reversible Magnetic Loading ModulePermanent MagnetD.C Electromagnetism CoilTCK Eagle eye Inspection ModuleTCK S/N Quality ModuleMulti-Purpose Data Transformation WorkstationTCK Diagnosing ModuleTCK Digitalizing ModuleIndustrial Serial Communication Bus.Sound-light Alarming Unit.Terminal Program Command. Controlling Centerlarge-capacity data storage, print.Intelligent expert analysis and evaluation system.










Environment Temperature:-30~+55

Applicable industries: mine, port, metallurgy, and so on

Steel-cord Conveyor Belt on-line Automatic Inspection System

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